Why not capture it right? With its Tripod Stand feature, Uboh helps click memories that last forever.

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Why allow your neck to strain? With its Ergonomic Easel feature, Uboh saves you the hassles of physical therapy.

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Why adjust to your handheld device if they can adjust according to you? With its Easel feature, Uboh supports multiple orientations.

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Why not give your hands a rest? With its Nano Suction feature, Uboh assures that you can multitask better.

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Why take a risk? With its GPS feature, Uboh helps you navigate safely.

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Why consider purchasing it? Because it’s pocket-sized, pocket friendly, stylish and useful.

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Be it phones or tablets, be it portrait or landscape!

Adjust your Uboh to your convenience!

Uboh supports them all.

and doesn’t let you strain your back or neck

so that it matches your eye-level

You can adjust the height of your Uboh

or use the Easel feature of Uboh

Stick Uboh on a smooth surface in your car

you can safely navigate through the busy roads

We’re giving you a demo about how


“I like the height adjustment feature of Uboh, I use it almost every day, have my phone on my desk next to my laptop to watch movies or listen to music while I am working. I even take conference calls now and that has never become so easier!”

“Uboh is a like a swiss knife…so many features into 1… It’s mind boggling and it works with my tablet too!”

“I use Uboh to read news, to try recipes while simultaneously watching them and to watch cartoons. Uboh has made life a lot easier, I now use my phone the way it’s supposed be.”

“I am a gadget geek who used to have many phone accessories earlier. They were all very costly and not at all durable. I had to buy different accessories with different features. It all turned out to be very costly as they had a short life span. Then, one of my friends recommended Uboh. It looked worth a shot with so many different features it had. It’s been a while that I’ve been using it and it’s fantastic & very useful!!”

Our Story

We use 1 phone or 1 tablet, maybe both – to do infinite things. It’s difficult to even imagine a day without them. In our fast-paced life, cutting down on screen-time is not possible. We have work emails to attend to, things to read about and movies to see! But at the same time, we need to support our handheld devices with something extra. Something that makes sure that our long hours of screen-time doesn’t lead us to physical therapy.

We all need an Uboh.

Uboh, the soulmate to handheld devices, is extraordinary. We created this little friend to ensure that style, convenience and affordability merge to develop a stand that encapsulates multiple features and supports the endless uses of our handheld devices. With just one size, Uboh is the only stand that fits any phone or tablet perfectly.

Before Uboh, there was a void in the market for accessories that can do so much more. Not only such gadgets are expensive, their uses are also very limited. But when you have one Uboh, you do not have to invest in multiple accessories to suit your needs. It’s the right size, it has a trendy design and it’s affordable. Uboh offers everything you need, and even more!

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